Guest Room & Office Reveal

We’re officially accepting visitors now that our guest room is ready! I am absolutely blown away at how amazing it turned out. As many of you know I worked with Havenly on this room & they beyond exceeded all my expectations! I basically fell for one of their instagram ads that had been popping up on my feed for years & I never really quite grasp the concept until I clicked it one day and found out what exactly they did. So I’m going to break it down for you all so it’s easier to understand!


First of all, What is Havenly?

Havenly is basically a virtual interior design company. Meaning no one comes to your house and assesses your room. It’s all done online which I love!


How it works:

First you take a style quiz on their site basically through the questions they ask they determine what vibe you’re going for and then set you up with designers they think would best match your styles. Any surprise my style was boho? 🙂 Didn’t think so. From here you also set a budget. The complete cost of our guest bedroom was under $2500. I wanted to stay as close to that as possible and that we did!

Pick your designer:

I ended up picking Sarah because I mean WOW… I saw some previous rooms she styled and knew she was the perfect fit for me.


Pick your package:

For us we wanted a full room, mostly because I got rid of ALL of our guest room furniture prior to moving. I wanted to start fresh and plus it was one less thing to drag across the country. I had some existing items I wanted to add in but not many. If you want to just add some finishing touches to a room you can pick the basic package but I highly recommend doing the full package because they send floor plans for this & show you how to layout everything making it super easy to bring your room to life. Plus I have a code for a discount for a full package if you decide to go with that you can get $50 off using code SALTWATERCHIC2  (you can see the difference between the rooms below)


Get some major inspo:

First, you send over pictures of your room & measurements. Then, I spent the next few days pinning like maniac. I wanted to help Sarah catch my vibe as easily as possible. I knew I wanted a boho feel but also I wanted it to be girl and add some color into it! I sent her my pinterest boards, pictures I found on instagram, ANYTHING that could have been inspo I used it as inspo! I sent it over to Sarah. Here’s some inspo I gave Sarah!

Pick a concept

From there, Sarah sent over some concepts/products for me to choose from. Basically I could go through each concept & heart items I love and let her know what I wasn’t feeling. Out of the concepts she gave me I knew almost immediately I liked Warm Eclectic & Desert Bohemian the best (see below).

Wait for your design:

From what I hearted, Sarah knew how I wanted the room to feel and was ready to get a design & that’s exactly what she did. We played around with the layout a bit because I needed something that was functional as an office & a guest bedroom so I had to it all work.  And then she sent over my design (pictured below) with all the links to shop the products she also laid out the room so I could get an idea of what it would look like and sent me 3D renderings that made it oh so real.


Get shopping:

I think we all know this was my favorite part. SHOPPING 🙂 Havenly makes it SO easy because they work with over 100 vendors (like good vendors Target/ Cb2 etc) and you can order items right from their site! They’ll also deal with any returns/ price matching/ questions you may have. Like I said they make this whole process ridiculously easy. So easy I’m tempted to do it on every room 🙂 but for now I’ll be living in my guest bedroom/ office/ blogger heaven!



Concept Images:

These are 3d images! How cool is that?








Shop the room:

Everything but the bed is linked below. Click here to shop the bed!



If you’re interested in using Havenly. Use code SALTWATERCHIC2 to get you $50 off your full design package.




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