My dirty little secret

This post is sponsored by Waterl<ss. But as always all opinions are my own.

The dirty truth: I only wash my hair once a week! The rest of the time I use dry shampoo. Recently I discovered Waterl<ss hair care products and instantly fell in love. Not only do they smell great and get the job done but they have such a cool story on how they were created!

Waterl<ss hair care was created with a small team of scientists and then launched in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2018 during the Day Zero water crisis; this was when the city announced that they were 3 months away from running out of water for the city’s population of 4 million. Waterl<ss products were created for all hair types + textures and can all be used without water.

As someone who is constantly running around like a maniac – even if it’s only in my house these days – you best believe I keep my haircare products with me at all times, especially on picture days. There’s nothing more refreshing for my hair then a spritz of dry shampoo and now dry conditioner too.



Current hair care products I’m loving:


  • Waterl<ss No Residue Dry Shampoo: This has become my holy grail. Trust me I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos and nothing has compared to this product. It’s targeting my fine oily hair and leaves my hair feeling clean without the messy weird residue most products do. Plus, it smells like heaven



  • Waterl<ss Weightless Smooth Dry Conditioner: Another heavenly scent that is a new addition into my routine. It leaves my hair shiny & soft making it feel and look so healthy in pictures! I spray this on the ends of my hair to refresh it.



  • Waterl<ss Heat Shield: I told you I only wash my hair once a week, but I style it much more than that. This product has been a game changer for that! It protects from heat styling products that run up to 450 degrees, yet it’s free of parabens, sulfates, and alcohol.






We love a brand with a story but I love this brand for so many reasons now! I hope you love them too 🙂 check out their products online at Target.

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