oh my god, THAT JACKET!


This past weekend my husband, Max, and I went to Christmas Festival at the Creamery in Kennett Square (so cute). If you’ve never been I highly recommend going! But on another note, the amount of compliments I got on this jacket became comical between Max and I. It started with just a few nice “I love your jacket”‘s. But later it turned into much more than that. Random people yelling from across the street. Complete strangers coming up to me to ask me where it was from. My favorite though was when we came across a group of teenage girls that screamed over the jacket like it was Justin Bieber live and in person. Later, we went to a restaurant where the hostess addressed me as jacket & as we left she acknowledge me by saying, “bye jacket”. This jacket truly is magical. Pictures do no justice to the incredible details on this beauty. I had to share it with you all! Shop my whole outfit on the links below.

Actual Booties

Actual Skinny Jeans *ON SALE*

Until next time Salt Water Chic’ers


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